• 30Mar2015

    Availability Quality Conversion capacity

    Due to a technical problem the maximum QC (quality conversion) capacity is not available. We are working on a solution.  Read more »

  • 30Mar2015

    Publication Gas Balance 2014

    Gasunie Transport Services has updated the annual gas balance. Read more »

  • 19Mar2015

    Auctions for monthly capacity one week earlier

    Please be advised that the ENTSOG auction calendar has been adjusted. The start date of the monthly auctions will change from the third Monday of the month (m-1) to the second Monday of the month (m-1), starting with the auction for gas month May 2015. This auction will take place at the 13th of April instead of the 20th. The... Read more »

  • 18Mar2015

    Maintenance of GTS backend system

    Due to maintenance of our contracting backend system, it will be offline between Friday, 20 March 2015, 16:30 hour (CET) and Sunday, 22 March 2015, 18:00 hour (CET) at the latest. Read more »

  • 11Mar2015

    Conversion to daylight saving time

    On gas day 28 March 2015 there will be a switch from winter time to summer time. This means that this gas day will have 23 hours. To avoid any problems please be aware of the following: We expect nominations according the EDIGAS protocol. This means that a nomination for this gas day (28 March) consists of 23 hours in which,... Read more »

  • 16Feb2015

    Change of lead time Within Day Balancing Action (WDBA)

    ICE Endex notified GTS that it will change the specifications of the Within Day contract offered on their spot market. The Within Day contract will change to a lead time of to 3 hours. This change is the result of a consultation done by ICE Endex amongst its customers and will come into effect as of the start (00:00) of calendar day... Read more »

  • 23Dec2014

    ACM publishes GTS’ tariffs 2015

    Today, the Dutch regulator ACM has published the transport tariffs of national network operator GTS (Gasunie Transport Services). ACM broadly maintains the tariffs proposal, GTS submitted early October. The regulator has calculated that the tariffs for transport by GTS will increase by about 4.2 percent. Read more »

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