• 24Apr2015

    Quality conversion

    Due to inspection activities the amount of nitrogen for peak demand in quality conversion will be reduced with 125,000 m3/h in the period of 28 April till May 12th.   Read more »

  • 31Mar2015

    Changed opening hours for upcoming (national) holidays

    We would like to inform you that the office of Gasunie Transport Services is closed during several upcoming (national) holidays. Read more »

  • 16Apr2015

    Termination SSLv3 protocol

    End of 2014 you were informed by letter and shippers meeting presentation about the vulnerability in the SSLv3 connection protocol. SSLv3 is a protocol to provide secure communication over the internet. This means that SSLv3 is no longer a secure solution for data communication when retrieving your data from GasPort and B2B. Hereby... Read more »

  • 14Apr2015

    IT issue Sunday 12 April 2015

    Due to a temporary IT issue it was not possible to perform a balancing action on Sunday 12 April 2015 at 8.21 hours LET. The issue has been investigated and preventive measures are taken. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Read more »

  • 01Apr2015

    Change in tariffs 2015 for system connections on LDC network points

    Please be informed of a change in the tariffs for system connections with regard to the local distribution points. The adjusted lower system connection tariffs will be applied retroactively as of 1 January 2015. In addition the tariffs for system connections are adjusted in the TSC Appendix 1b Exits, worksheet ‘local distribution... Read more »

  • 30Mar2015

    Publication Gas Balance 2014

    Gasunie Transport Services has updated the annual gas balance. Read more »

  • 19Mar2015

    Auctions for monthly capacity one week earlier

    Please be advised that the ENTSOG auction calendar has been adjusted. The start date of the monthly auctions will change from the third Monday of the month (m-1) to the second Monday of the month (m-1), starting with the auction for gas month May 2015. This auction will take place at the 13th of April instead of the 20th. The... Read more »

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