• 14May2015

    Quality conversion

    Due to maintenance 60.000 m3/h nitrogen is not available on our location Ommen. This causes a reduction in our quality conversion capacity. We expect this constraint will be solved on June 12th. Read more »

  • 28May2015

    Publication Gas Balance Q1-2015

    Gasunie Transport Services has published the exit allocations for distribution Q1-2015. Read more »

  • 20May2015

    Gasunie announces the creation of Gasunie Grid Services (GGS)

    The gas infrastructure company Gasunie intends to split its subsidiary Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) into two separate transmission system operators  with effect from 1 January 2016: a network operator for the national main transmission system (HTL) and a network operator for the regional high-pressure transmission system (RTL). The... Read more »

  • 13May2015

    Changes to appendices TSC 2015-1

    Gasunie Transport Services would like to inform you about the introduction of an entry tariff Tegelen (NWP 300138). The tariff will be applicable as from now and therefore appendix 1a has been updated. Furthermore appendix 5 of the TSC 2015-1 is changed. The quantity of 500.000 kWh/h as mentioned in article 2.4 is increased to... Read more »

  • 13May2015

    GTS’ first Network Development Plan (NOP) published

    Today, on 13th of May 2015, GTS has published the first Network Development Plan (NOP 2015). The NOP 2015 proposes investment measures that will ensure the required capacity for the gas transport system in the Netherlands. A formal process of consultation based on the NOP 2015 will be open from 13th of May until 10th of June 2015. It... Read more »

  • 08May2015

    PRISMA platform: postponement of auction start for monthly auctions

    The start of the monthly auctions for the transportation period of June is postponed to Monday, 18th of May at 09:00h. All currently published auctions are cancelled on 8th of May at 16:00h. The available monthly auctions will be re-published on 13th of May at 09:00h. Please note that any comfort bids that have been placed for the... Read more »

  • 16Apr2015

    Termination SSLv3 protocol

    End of 2014 you were informed by letter and shippers meeting presentation about the vulnerability in the SSLv3 connection protocol. SSLv3 is a protocol to provide secure communication over the internet. This means that SSLv3 is no longer a secure solution for data communication when retrieving your data from GasPort and B2B. Hereby... Read more »

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