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  • 08Apr2014

    Publication Gas Balance 2013

    Gasunie Transport Services has updated the annual gas balance. Read more »

  • 07Mar2014

    Conversion to daylight saving time

    On gas day 29 March 2014 there will be a switch from winter time to summer time. This means that this gas day will have 23 hours. To avoid any problems please be aware of the following: We expect nominations according the EDIGAS protocol. This means that a nomination for this gas day (29 March) consists of 23 hours in which,... Read more »

  • 19Feb2014

    Capacity transfers on PRISMA and closure GTS Bulletinboard

    The European booking platform PRISMA primary is extended with the PRISMA secondary platform. PRISMA secondary supports, amongst others, the transfer of usage and capacity rights to other (potential) shippers. Up to now Gasunie Transport Services offered the opportunity for shippers to contact each other and to facilitate the trading... Read more »

  • 07Feb2014

    Invoice changes from 2014 onwards

    Since the beginning of this week we started using our new contracting and invoicing system. The invoices look different to how they used to look. This relates to invoices for the delivery period from January 2014 onwards. Invoices relating to earlier delivery periods will remain unchanged. In order to make this transition as smooth... Read more »

  • 06Feb2014

    Availability of Dataport

    As of today the reports in Dataport can be downloaded again. This will enable you to see whether there is still capacity available at the crossborder inetrconnection points well before the capacity auction at PRISMA starts. Read more »

  • 04Feb2014

    Tender for Load Flow Commitments (LFCs) at GTS border points – registration and follow up

    On 2 December last year GTS has announced to organize a monthly tender for LFCs at the GTS border points. GTS requires these LFCs in order to fulfill her obligations with regards to new European legislation, more specific to be able to deliver additional firm capacity resulting from Oversubscription and Buy Back (OSBB). Read more »

  • 03Feb2014

    Successful introduction of the day ahead capacity auctions

    The introduction of the day ahead capacity auctions at our cross border interconnection points that started as planned on the 28th of January was very successful. During  nearly a week (including the weekend) of day ahead capacity auctions, GTS has seen a positive market response which is providing GTS good confidence in the overall... Read more »

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