Connected parties

“Connected parties” covers parties that are connected or directly connected to GTS’s gas transmission grid such as industries, power plants and private network operators and also, for example, injectors such as green gas injectors. Usually, however, an exit is specified. You will find more information about network operators under [System operators]. As a connected party you can make agreements with GTS regarding the conditions under which gas will be made available to you. These conditions are laid down in a Connection Agreement (aansluitovereenkomst (AO)).  It has been determined by law under art. 1. 2. 1 of the Connection Code Gas TSO that GTS may only make gas available if GTS and the connected party have concluded a Connection Agreement.

Generally, connected parties can choose a supplier from which they will buy the gas. The supplier will then ensure that capacity is booked with GTS; this is done via a shipper. A connected party can also book transport capacity itself; in order to do so the connected party needs to become an End User with Exit Capacity (EWEX) by obtaining an EWEX licence. Previously it could be beneficial for connected parties to have an EWEX licence because this enabled them to book long-term capacity. This guaranteed security of gas transport for them. Now, however, GTS reserves the booked capacity at industrial exits for the coming year, and up to 1 December in the current year, see article 2. 1. 2. a of the Transmission Code Gas – TSO. As a connected party you are therefore assured that the booked capacity in the current year will also be available for you in the following year provided it has been booked before 1 December. Bookings after 1 December are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis.

This website, under [Connected parties] will provide you with further information on applying for, modifying or terminating a connection.

You can also find information about our commissioning service. This service aims to facilitate new connections or expansions to existing industrial connections by applying a simpler capacity booking regime.

Finally: It is in both our interests for us to have access to your up-to-date contact details, so that we can, for example, reach you quickly if a disaster occurs or is likely to occur. We ask for your cooperation in keeping these contact details up-to-date, by passing on any details at your end via this link.

If you, as a (potential) connected party, have any questions about your (potential) connection then we would be more than happy to speak to you about this.  Our contact details (relating to the connection desk) can be found at the bottom of this page.