Change your Business Partner details

It is in your interests, as a connected party, and in our interests for us to have access to your up-to-date contact details: We need to be able to reach you quickly in the event of a disaster. We also send regular general emails such as newsletters or reminders for booking transport capacity in good time.

We would therefore be grateful for details of the following contacts:

  1. Contractual: this is generally the contact person whom we would approach first for contractual matters (connection agreements) and general issues
  2. Operational: for technical matters regarding your connection
  3. Disasters: in the event of emergencies. This is preferably a general telephone number where someone is always available
  4. Financial: for booking transport capacity.

One person may, of course, be responsible for multiple roles.

Please complete the form on the Dutch page which can be used to pass on or amend client details, such as name, address or contact person.