Modifying an existing connection

As a connected party, you can modify or adapt your connection to the GTS gas transmission grid in accordance with the Connection Code Gas TSO. Requesting this modification or adaptation requires completion of the following five steps:

  1. Application form for a modification/adaptation to an existing connection
    The first step is the completion of the application form by the connected party. For applying to modify your connection, please use the form available on this page “Application to modify/adapt an existing connection”. It is important for the form to be completed fully and clearly so that it is as obvious as possible what the connected party is requesting from us. We will then use the information from the form as input for a feasibility study and an evaluation of the alternatives.
  2. Feasibility study and evaluation of the alternatives
    Based on the information provided by the connected party we will investigate the alternatives for the required modifications.
  3. Investment agreement
    GTS will, in consultation with the connected party, work out the project plan and prepare an investment agreement. This will include a description of the work and a timetable. By signing the Investment Agreement and sending it back to us, the connected party is instructing us to modify the existing connection.
  4. Building/construction of the modification/adaptation of the connection
    After instructions have been issued, we will start the construction work for the connected party’s requested modification. If applicable, you should change your contracted capacity.
  5. Connection agreement or system connection agreement
    The modifications will be incorporated into an update of the agreement concluded with the connected party.

NB: Contact us in good time if you are considering a modification to the connection. The lead time for a modification depends on availability of and delivery periods for materials (which can be lengthy).

Explanatory notes to ‘Application to modify/adapt an existing connection’

A modification to the connection can cover various scenarios. More or less capacity may be required, a different pressure or a relocation of the connection point may be desirable, etc. In order to be able to handle the desired modification in a proper and unambiguous manner, we have made a form available on this page “Application to modify/adapt an existing connection”.  If this concerns an exit point, please complete this form and state the gas delivery station number as used by GTS, i.e.:

  • Nxxx (North)/Wxxx(West)/Zxxx(South),
  • the network point number (300xxx, see also TSC appendix 1b Exits)

You will find these details in the connection agreement.

It is important to fill in only those items that are to be modified. For example, fill in the desired new supply pressure if a different supply pressure is required, fill in the desired new capacity where the connection point is being expanded, etc.

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    • Whenever there is any uncertainty about whether the modification could affect the national gas transmission network.
    • Works on the gas installation connection and/or gas installation which necessitate the gas receiving station being taken out of operation.
    • Capacity changes.
    • The taking of cathodic protection into own management. Gasunie has to remove the connection to the national grid in that case.
  • If works are being done on your gas installation connection and/or gas installation and it is not possible to shut them off after the transfer point.

    • As soon as possible You contact the  industriedesk at
    • The industriedesk will inform the involved employeesYou will be contacted to go together throught the kind of work and the planning.
    • Our Safety Department will be informed and will look into potential risks to the national gas transmission network and decides what precautionary measures must be taken.
    • Our Operational Planning Department sets up a preparatory programme setting out the actions to be taken by Gasunie.
    • You carry out the work and inspections that are necessary for a sound gas installation connection and gas installation. Our Safety Department assesses whether the work has been done as agreed.
    • Our Safety Department releases the station to the our local expert to be put into operation.
  • When you want to terminate the connection you should contact the industriedesk (  Your application will be confirmed within five working days.

  • There is no charge for terminating the connection but you do have to bear in mind the 3-month notice period. Your contractual obligations remain in force until the actual termination date.

    Any contracted capacity cannot unfortunately be cancelled, except in the case of bankruptcy or business cessation, when contractual obligations arising from booked capacity are also terminated. 50% of the tariff of the remaining booking will be charged to the holder of the capacity for that.