Termination of a connection

Complete or partial termination of the connection

It is possible to terminate all or part of the connection to our grid. A written request is required for a complete termination in order that the Connection Agreement associated with the connection is also terminated. The notice period required for terminating the connection is three months, as stated in the General Conditions which are applicable to the Connection Agreement or system connection agreement.

Dismantling the connection

A connection can be completely dismantled or partially dismantled, if, for instance only part of the gas delivery station needs to be dismantled. In that case GTS will ask you, as the connected party, to state on the form below that there are one or more runs to be dismantled.

We will consult you when we start to dismantle the connection or part of it. GTS is responsible for removing the connection. We will start to dismantle the connection within two years of termination of the connection agreement.

The supply pipeline must always be depressurised before work can be done in the immediate vicinity of the connection or the supply pipeline.