End user with exit capacity (EWEX)

If, as a directly connected party, you have a connection to our national grid (i.e. you are not supplied by a local distribution company) then you can book the exit capacity to your company yourself. In order to be able to book exit capacity as a connected party, it is necessary to become a end user with exit capacity (EWEX).


Before you can get AMEX status, you have to meet the following creditworthiness requirements (Transportcode Gas LNB). When the value of your booking including VAT exceeds the creditlimit we will ask additional financial sureties. The AWEX must provide financial securities at least two months before the start date of the contract

Additional sureties have to be valid four months longer than contractual period.

For each AWEX the creditworthiness during the contractual period will be monitored continually.

Transfer of capacity
After the exit capacity is booked to your company, you have to transfer it, possibly through your supplier, to the shipper with whom you have a gas supply contract. This can be done by means of an Assignment or Transfer of Usage (TOU). The transfer should be made at least 10 working days before the start of the month in which the gas transmission is to start. The supplier must send a switch message to GTS at least 5 working days before the supply starts.

There are no costs associated with becoming an AMEX. There is a fixed charge per transfer for trading capacity which is borne by the  party making the trade. The tariff is in Appendix 1c of the current TSC.

Use this form to apply; Licensing application form.

Complete the whole form and sign it, then send or email it to:
Gasunie Transport services B.V.
Attn: Industry Desk
Postbus 181
9700 AD Groningen