Requesting a modification to an existing connection

As a connected party, you can modify or adapt your connection to the GTS gas transmission network. Requesting this modification or adaptation requires the completion of a number of steps: an application form, a request for offer agreement, an investment agreement and amended appendices ‘Technical Specifications’ to the connection agreement.

  • Application form for a modification/adaptation to an existing connection
    The first step is the completion of the application form by the connected party. That is necessary in order to get as clear as possible an impression of what you as a customer are requesting from us. We have developed an application form for this purpose. We use this application form as input when drawing up the Request for Offer Agreement (ROA). It is therefore important that this form is completed fully and unambiguously.
  • Request for Offer Agreement
    We draw up a so-called request for offer agreement based on the application form and sends this to the connected party. As a connected party, you can instruct us to start a study into the potential for connection by signing the request for offer agreement and paying the associated offer fee.
  • Investment Agreement
    As soon as we have received back this signed agreement from you, we will start a study into the potential connection. We will send you an investment agreement as a result of the request for Offer agreement. This will include a, a description of the work, a cost estimate and a timetable. If you sign this investment agreement and send it back to us you are instructing us to create the new connection.
  • Building/construction of the connection point
    After instructions have been issued, we will start the building and construction of your requested modification. Please be aware, if applicable, to change your contracted capacity.
  • Connection agreement
    Before the modified connection is brought into use, we aske you as a connected party, to sign the amended appendices “Technical Specifications” to the connection agreement/aansluitovereenkomst.

Explanatory notes on ‘Application form for a modification to an existing connection/connection point to the network of GTS’

A modification to the connection can cover various scenarios. You as  connected party may want to have more capacity, or to use less, to have a different pressure, or to have the connection point relocated, or a different delivery temperature, etc. In order to be able to handle the desired modification in a proper and unambiguous manner, we have the form ‘Application form for the modification of an existing connection/connection point’. You are asked to complete this form giving details of the gas receiving station number as used by Gasunie, i.e.:

  • Nxxx (North)/Wxxx(West)/Zxxx(South)
  • the network point number (300xxx, see also TSC appendix 1b Exits) and
  • EAN code

It is important that only those items requiring modification are filled in. For example, fill in the new coordinates for a relocation, fill in the desired new capacity where the connection point is being expanded, etc.


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  • To discontinue the connection to our network, please send us a request in writing by registered post. We will contact you when we receive this request.

  • There is no charge for terminating the connection but you do have to bear in mind the 6-month notice period. Your contractual obligations remain in force until the actual termination date.

    Any contracted capacity cannot unfortunately be cancelled, except in the case of bankruptcy or business cessation, when contractual obligations arising from booked capacity are also terminated. 50% of the tariff of the remaining booking will be charged to the holder of the capacity for that.

  • The connection fee will no longer be collected once the termination takes effect. Until then you will still have to pay the connection fee.

  • Article 17 of the General Conditions for Connection Agreements, version 2.0 accompanying the connection agreement  describe the conditions under which termination is possible.

    In addition, article 6.A.11 of the TSC deals with the supply of transmission capacity in the event of bankruptcy or business cessation.

  • We will consult you when we start to dismantle the connection or part of it. GTS is responsible for removing the connection, including the connecting pipeline on your site. We will start to dismantle the connection within 2 years of the termination of the connection agreement.

    The supply pipeline must always be depressurised before work can be done in the immediate vicinity of the connection or the supply pipeline.