Energy determination

When gas is transferred from the GTS network, GTS determines the quantity of energy transferred. This energy determination is very important for correct invoicing. GTS and its customers both use the data for invoicing. The correct determination of the quantity of energy transferred is guaranteed in the fiscal process. To guarantee the quality of this fiscal process, numerous checks have been built into the process, certified by an independent body. The fiscal process is described in a number of documents that are further explained below. In addition, a performance evaluation is regularly carried out.

Process description

The description of the fiscal process is subdivided as follows:

  • Determination of the delivered volume.
  • The gas quality system, in which it is stipulated how the heating value (gas quality) is determined at the transfer points.
  • A list of the settings of the volume conversion instruments (EVHI) has been added. This list is typical per gas area.


Process descriptions

Description Gas Quality System 2019 05 Mar 2019
Description CW system 2018 370 kB 24 May 2018
Description Gas Quality System 2017 369 kB 05 Mar 2019
Description of gas quantity system 2015 265 kB 05 Mar 2019
List EVHI setting parameters 2019 101 kB 11 Mar 2019
List EVHI setting paramters 2018 305 kB 11 Mar 2019

Performance evaluation

The critical performance indicators of the fiscal process are checked with the conditions as stated in the Metering Conditions (in Dutch: ‘Meetvoorwaarden Gas – LNB’). The performance evaluation is subdivided into:

  • the performance evaluation of the gas quantity determination. This document also gives a description of the overall performance regarding the energy determination.
  • the performance evaluation of the gas quality determination;