H-gas map of the Netherlands

The gas composition map is available for four components in the H-gas network of Gasunie Transport Services: Wobbe-index , Propane equivalent (PE), Methane number, Calorific value. Depicted on the map are several (coloured) key areas for which an arithmetic average is given of a number of relevant quality measurements in this area. Dependent on its position in the bandwidth (see the legend on the map), the average value will cause the area to colour accordingly. The coloured areas are updated every 15 minutes.

In addition to the gas composition indicated by the coloured areas, arrows are depicted in the map to indicate the relevant flows. Dependent on actual (aggregated) flow measurements, the arrows will depict an aggregated flow direction. The directions are updated every 5 minutes.

Please note that the aggregated gas composition and flow information is for illustration purposes only. Because of its aggregated and global character, it may not be representative of local net situations.

Please note that the gasmaps are only relevant for the approximately 70 directly connected H-gas parties.

Due to technical problems the reports of Propane Equivalent, Calorific value and Methane number are not available at this time.


Wobbe Index                                                    Propane Equivalent



Methane Number                                           Calorific value H-gas