Integrity of the connection

The Connection Code Gas -TSO state that your gas installation connection and gas installation must not constitute a hazard, either for personnel of the TSO or for personnel of third parties engaged by the TSO, that could disrupt the operation of the national gas transmission network. Your gas installation connection and gas installation are considered to be sound if they meet the conditions in chapter 2 of the Connection Code Gas -TSO.

Two measures are referred to in these conditions that can be incorporated into your gas installation connection to guarantee its integrity. As these measures have been taken in very few gas installation connections up to now, there is a provision allowing you to demonstrate that your gas installation connection and gas installation are sound by providing a declaration by an approved body. The approved body can state in its declaration that the gas installation connection and gas installation located behind the transfer point comply with the relevant legislation and regulations.

Before a new connection is taken into operation, or in case an exsisting gas installation connection is taken into operation again after being out of service, the owner must demonstrate that:

  • the two measures referred to in the Connection Code Gas - TSO (check  valve and equipment to prevent oscillations in pressure have been taken, or
  • the connection and gas installation including cathodic protection, gas pressure regulating stations, appliances running on gas and the buildings containing these installations have been designed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with the legislation and regulations applicable to this gas installation.

Meanwhile if you plan to make any modifications to your gas installation connection and/or gas installation which could affect safety or disrupt the operation of the national gas transmission network, they must be reported beforehand to the GTS Industry Desk (Tel.: +31 50 521 2323 or email

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  • In 2017, new legislation for emission standards come into force for existing medium-sized combustion installations which are used by industries, companies and non-residential buildings.

    As from 1 January 2017, existing so called medium-sized combustion installations (> 1MW, < 50MW) have to comply to the new emission requirements. The NOx emission requirement which is imposed  by the Government is less than 70 mg/m30 at 3% O2.

    The possibilities to achieve this are:

    • optimization of burner settings
    • adjustment of the burner construction or new burner(s) and/or boilers
    • the application of exhaust gas circulation.