Distribution Network Operators (LDC)

All Dutch distribution network operators are connected to the gas transmission network belonging to Gasunie Transport Services B.V. (GTS).

The system connection is the point where GTS's national grid is connected to the distribution networks belonging to the distribution network operators. The generic conditions applicable to this connection are, among others, the Dutch Gas Act, the Network Link Code Gas TSO, the Cooperation Code Gas, the Metering Code Gas TSO and the General Terms and Conditions (System Connection Agreement). A Technical Specification, containing the specific characteristics of the gas delivery station (GOS), is also available for each system connection.

A GTS gas delivery station consists of the following elements:


  • A feeder pipe.
  • An inlet schematic with a connection for an emergency supply.
  • A liquid trap facility.


  • An inlet header and an outlet header.
  • Two or more gas metering and control lines with a heat exchanger (N+1).
  • A boiler gas control line.
  • Heating installation (N+1).
  • An e-room for power supply, a verifiable transport (custody transfer) processing unit and a data communication unit.


  • An outlet station with a connection for an emergency supply.
  • A CP insulating joint (reference for the GTS/LDC transfer point).

The site and the building are provided by the LDC:

  • Building, consisting of a gas room, a heating room and an e-room.
  • Fencing and entrance gates
  • Water and electricity connections, room for a data cable.
  • One or more discharge pipelines.

The technical requirements with which the elements must comply are specified in the Gasunie Technical Standards, together with the prevailing national and international standards.

Each GOS is listed in the GTS network point register.