Changes to network areas

A distribution network operator may ask GTS to change one or more network areas or, where appropriate, to transfer them to another distribution network operator.

Two steps need to be completed when applying for such changes:

  1. Application form for a change to or, if applicable, transfer or takeover of a network area
    The first step is completion of an application form by the distribution network operator in order to have a clear overview of the work involved for GTS. It is therefore important to ensure that this form contains all the relevant details. Applicants should be prepared for a turnaround time of at least 2 months as the procedure will involve a tariff review by the ACM (Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets) and substantial administrative work by GTS.
  2. Confirmation
    GTS will verify the request as soon as it has received the signed application form from the distribution network operator(s). GTS will then draw up a timetable of the administrative processes required to incorporate the changes into the tariffs proposal and into the various systems. GTS will inform the distribution network operator of the turnaround time for implementing the changes.
    GTS will pass on the tariffs for the amended network areas. The amended tariffs are reviewed by the ACM in the next tariff decision. The new tariffs must be linked to the new network points in the different systems.

Conditions for ‘Application form for changes to network areas’

Conditions for ‘Application form for changes to network areas’

  • It is not possible to apply for a change to a network area which would have retroactive effect.
  • Changes to network areas shall be announced by the DSO at least two months prior to the effective date of the new network area.
  • Changes to network areas may only become effective on the first day of a calendar month.
  • An application for a transfer of a network area/network areas between distribution network operators shall be signed by all distribution network operators concerned.

Distribution network operators are asked to complete this form carefully, mentioning, among other things, the number of the network area and of the gas delivery stations concerned, with associated ‘GOS codes’ as used by GTS, hence:

  • Network area number (, see also TSC appendix 1b Exits and
  • the EAN code
  • Nxxx (North)/Wxxx(West)/Zxxx(South),

It is important to fill in only those items that are to be changed or transferred.