New system connection

Distribution network operators can request GTS for a new system connection.

What does a new system connection mean in practice?

A new system connection in the national grid means that GTS supplies a facility in the national grid consisting of pipelines, including necessary appliances, and the measuring and control equipment, by means of which gas is transferred from the national grid to the local distribution network.

The distribution network operator shall make a suitable site and building available for this system connection. Buildings shall comply with the requirements stipulated by GTS, as well as all valid laws, regulations and standards.

How do you apply for a new system connection?

A number of steps need to be completed when applying for a system connection in the grid:

  1. Application form for a new system connection
    The first step is completion of an application form by the distribution network operator in order to have a clear overview of the work involved for GTS.  
  2. Implementation agreement
    GTS will start a study to investigate the potential for constructing a system connection as soon as it has received the signed application form from the distribution network operator. If the study shows that the system connection is possible, we will send you an implementation agreement. This will contain, among other things, a description of the work, a cost allocation and a timetable. If a distribution network operator signs and returns this implementation agreement to GTS it is instructing GTS to carry out the new system connection.
  3. Building/construction of the system connection
    After instructions have been issued, GTS will start the construction of the system connection.
  4. System connection agreement
    The distribution network operator shall sign the annex to the system connection agreement entitled “Technical Specifications” before the new system connection is put into operation.