System connection agreement

The Network Link Code Gas TSO specifies that the creation of a physical connection between the national grid belonging to GTS and a distribution network belonging to a distribution network operator is subject to the conclusion of an agreement.   

Which areas are regulated by the system connection agreement?

The system connection agreement contains all the agreements made between GTS and the distribution network operator concerning the system connection and the associated network links. A system connection agreement offers clarity for both distribution network operator and GTS with regard to their respective responsibilities and tasks. Given that this relates to a long-term physical connection between high-value infrastructures, it is important for both parties to make unambiguous agreements. It is not only the scope of the gas supply (pressure, quality, capacity) that is relevant here, but also how modifications to this scope, or to the system connection, should be handled.

Elements of the system connection agreement

System connection agreements are signed by both parties and consist of the following elements:

  • Agreement
    The agreement specifies the contracting parties, the relationship with the Gas Codes, the date of commencement, etc.;
  • General terms and conditions
    The general terms and conditions, which complement the Gas Codes, being the most recent conditions adopted and brought into force by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) on the basis of article 12f of the Dutch Gas Act (the Network Link Code Gas TSO and the Cooperation Code Gas form part of the Gas Codes), regulate how to handle gas quality, pressure, capacity, measuring, termination, building (and planting) rights, liability, force majeure and the like.
  • ‘Technical Specifications’ Annex
    The Technical Specifications’ Annex establishes the specific parameters of the system connection, including any supplementary provisions to specific parameters and contact details for incident management purposes;
  • Annex ‘Drawing of the transfer point and the physical situation’
    The annex ‘Drawing of the transfer point and the physical situation’ specifies the GTS/LDC transfer point.
SVO AV RNB 121 kB 23 Mar 2016