Terminating/dismantling a system connection

Partial or total termination of the system connection:

Distribution network operators are entitled to terminate part of the system connection agreement relating to a specific system connection. Termination is effected by means of written notification (registered letter) sent to GTS. The notice period for terminating a system connection is set out in the general terms and conditions forming part of the system connection agreement.

Dismantling the system connection:

This may relate to full or partial dismantlement. In such cases, GTS will ask the distribution network operator to state on the form below whether dismantlement relates to one or several system connections.

Following proper consultation, GTS will start dismantling all or part of the system connection. GTS will commence dismantlement no later than 2 years after termination of that part of the system connection agreement relating to the system connection concerned. GTS is responsible for removing the system connection, including, in the event of complete dismantlement, the feeder pipe on your site.