Certificates & B2B and Gasport


  • Please click on the following link: https://certificaten.gasunietransportservices.nl/ using Internet Explorer. Other browsers are not supported!
    - Click ENROLL
    - Fill in the following fields:
      - First name
      - Last name
      - Email address
      - Passcode *
      - Organization
      - Address
      - Challenge phrase **
    - Click Submit
    - The message Confirm your e-mail address appears. Click OK and Yes.
    - You will now receive the message that your certificate is successfully installed.

    After you obtained your new certificate, please remove your previous one. - click on Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates
    - select your previous certificate (indicated by expiration date)
    - click on Remove

    * Upon loss of the passcode, please apply for a new passcode via customerdesk@gastransport.nl

    ** If you have forgotten your challenge phrase then you do not have to contact GTS.
    You can change the challenge every year with the renewal of the certificate. Please write it down in a save place.
    You will need it when you want to revoke your certificate. Remark: Do not use special characters.

  • As well as providing certainty about the identity of the owner, certificates offer the possibility of encryption. Encryption and integrity are key prerequisites for secure internet communication. There are many ways to encrypt and secure files. However, in practice, the public and private key method has proved the most reliable. This method uses two keys, a public and a private key. The sender encrypts the messages using the recipient’s public key. To render the message legible again, the recipient decrypts it using his private key. This happens automatically for communication with GTS. Put simply, a certificate ensures that through a combination of a user name and a password, you can log in on secure parts of the GTS website.

  • Both a personal and a system certificate are valid for one year. You can check the validity period of your certificate in the following ways:

    Internet Explorer: click on Extra > Internet options > Content > Certificates.
    Firefox: click on Preferences > Advanced > Encryption > View certificates. On both internet browsers you can see all the installed certificates followed by the date on which the period of validity ends.

  • You have received an email notification that your certificate is about to expire. You can renew it by following the link and completing all the fields required.

  • The computer on which the certificates are to be used must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • A Windows version that is supported by Microsoft and of which the most recent updates, and service packs have been installed;
    • Internet Explorer 8.0 with 128-bit encryption or a later version;
    • An internet connection.
  • GTS has compiled a guide on how to make a back-up. You will find it here. We recommend that you store the back-up on a removable docking station or personal network folder. Then if something should happen to your computer, you can replace the certificate from the removable station and carry on working without problems.

  • Yes, you can do this using a back-up. However, this is only permitted if the user of the certificate also remains the user on the new computer.

  • You can request extra certificates for new users via the application form which you find in the section Downloads and Forms.The application must be authorised by the GTS-registered contact.

  • If your certificate has disappeared, e.g. due to a hard disk malfunction or deletion error, you can replace it using the back-up you have made. A description of how to replace a back-up is included in the back-up certificate handbook. This document can be found under the section how to make a backup of your certificate.

    You cannot however retrieve and reinstall your certificate a second time! If you have not made a back-up, you can revoke your certificate and enrol it again. Should that give any problems please contact the certificate manager: customerdesk@gastransport.nl




  • Your certificate might no longer be valid. Or you may not have log-in rights. Contact customerdesk@gastransport.nl

  • Your e-mail address may have changed from the one you originally used to apply for the certificate. If the old address is no longer valid, it will not be possible to send you a notification for renewal. Please contact: customerdesk@gastransport.nl

    You can check to see if your certificate needs renewing by opening Internet Explorer on your computer and then clicking in the menu bar on Tools > Internet Options > Content > Certificates. This will call up a screen showing all the certificates that have been installed on your computer. Behind each certificate is the date up to which the certificate is valid (Expiry date). If this date is less than a month in the future, you can renew your certificate. If this date is more than a month away, you will not yet be able to renew your certificate. If the date lies in the past, the certificate has already expired.

  • You do not have a contract us. You can change the challenge every year. Please write it down in a save place. You will need it when you want to revoke your certificate.
    Remark: Do not use special characters.

  • The screen also shows expired certificates. By clicking the button "Show certificate", you can see the expiration date of the respective certificate. You can remove expired certificates from your computer as follows: • Internet Explorer: Click Tools > Internet options > Content > Certificates. A window will open up with all the certificates installed on your computer. Expired certificates have an end date. Click on the certificate you want to remove and then click Remove > Yes. • Firefox: Click Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption > View Certificates. This window shows all certificates installed. Click the certificate you want to remove and then click Delete > Yes.
  • If you have logged in using an incorrect or outdated certificate, you should close down your browser.
    If you can, remove all the certificates that have expired from your computer as follows:

    • Internet Explorer: click on Extra > Internet options > Content > Certificates. This brings up a window showing the certificates that have been installed on your computer. The certificates that have expired have an end date attached. Click on the certificate you wish to remove and then click on Remove > Yes.
    • Firefox: Click on Preferences > Advanced > Encryption > View certificates. This brings up all the certificates that have been installed. Click on the certificate you wish to remove and then click on Remove > Yes.

    Close your browser and start it up again, then select the correct certificate.


  • Duplicate Digital ID
    The information submitted already exists in another Digital ID.

    If you have enrolled in the last 24 hours, look at your e-mail for a message from the administrator. Follow the instructions included in that e-mail.
    To receive a new Digital ID, enrol with a different name.
    If you have previously installed the Digital ID, you can view it at the Digital ID Centre. Digital IDs can be found by searching with the name or e-mail address in the Digital ID.

    Status Code: 1005

    You are trying to renew a certificate that has already been renewed. Check each PC on which this certificate is installed to see if it has already been renewed there. If so, you must make a new back-up and replace it on the computers on which the certificate has not yet been renewed.

  • Digital ID cannot be issued
    The information provided with your request does not meet our authentication requirements. If you continue to see this error, contact the administrator.
    Status Code: A001
    This message can appear when you are trying to call up a certificate. The error is caused by a fault in the combination of email address / passcode

  • The certificate with which you are trying to log in has been withdrawn by GTS at the request of your contact. Please get in touch with the designated individual within your organisation or the GTS helpdesk to find the cause. When a new certificate is requested for an existing user, the old certificate is automatically withdrawn.

  • This error message occurs when the ActiveX settings on your computer are incorrect or when you try to call up a certificate.

    While enrolling or renewing the certificate, some browsers require that "ActiveX" be  installed in order to complete the process. If you get a message stating "an error has (1B6) occurred in generating certificate request", look to see if you are prompted to run the "Add-On" for ActiveX.

    • Look to see if the following Add-On prompt is showing in the browser.
    • Click on the bar and choose "Run Add-On" or "Install the Add-on for All Users on This Computer" from the drop down list. The options may  vary depending on the browser version you have installed.
    • One of these pop-up windows will appear depending on the browser version you have installed. Click either "Run" or "Install".
    • Once the ActiveX is installed, please go back to the enrollment page or the renewal link and try again.
  • This error occurs when you have been refused access to the Gas Transport Services Application website. Contact the Certificates Helpdesk at Gas Transport Services by sending an e-mail to customerdesk@gastransport.nl with the request to be granted access to the application you want and your e-mail address as shown in your digital ID.

  • You are probably using Internet Explorer 11.

    For installing your certificate you must add the website temporarily in the compatibility mode: Please go to Internet Explorer, Extra, Compatibility mode view, add the website by checking the box that says “view all website with compatibility mode” and install the certificate.

    After installation of the certificate do not forget to uncheck the compatibility mode.