Connected Party

Modification existing connection

    • Whenever there is any uncertainty about whether the modification could affect the national gas transmission network.
    • Works on the gas installation connection and/or gas installation which necessitate the gas receiving station being taken out of operation.
    • Capacity changes.
    • The taking of cathodic protection into own management. Gasunie has to remove the connection to the national grid in that case.
  • If works are being done on your gas installation connection and/or gas installation and it is not possible to shut them off after the transfer point.

    • As soon as possible You contact the  industriedesk at
    • The industriedesk will inform the involved employeesYou will be contacted to go together throught the kind of work and the planning.
    • Our Safety Department will be informed and will look into potential risks to the national gas transmission network and decides what precautionary measures must be taken.
    • Our Operational Planning Department sets up a preparatory programme setting out the actions to be taken by Gasunie.
    • You carry out the work and inspections that are necessary for a sound gas installation connection and gas installation. Our Safety Department assesses whether the work has been done as agreed.
    • Our Safety Department releases the station to the our local expert to be put into operation.
  • When you want to terminate the connection you should contact the industriedesk (  Your application will be confirmed within five working days.

  • There is no charge for terminating the connection but you do have to bear in mind the 3-month notice period. Your contractual obligations remain in force until the actual termination date.

    Any contracted capacity cannot unfortunately be cancelled, except in the case of bankruptcy or business cessation, when contractual obligations arising from booked capacity are also terminated. 50% of the tariff of the remaining booking will be charged to the holder of the capacity for that.

  • The connection fee will no longer be collected once the termination takes effect. Until then you will still have to pay the connection fee.

  • Article 16 of the General Conditions for Connection Agreements, version 3.1 accompanying the connection agreement  describe the conditions under which termination is possible.

    In addition, article 6.A.11 of the TSC deals with the supply of transmission capacity in the event of bankruptcy or business cessation.

  • We will consult you when we start to dismantle the connection or part of it. GTS is responsible for removing the connection, including the connecting pipeline on your site. We will start to dismantle the connection within 2 years of the termination of the connection agreement.

    The supply pipeline must always be depressurised before work can be done in the immediate vicinity of the connection or the supply pipeline.