Connected Party

New Connection

  • It is important that both minimum and maximum capacity are known. The maximum capacity is given in normal cubic metres per hour at a temperature of 0°C and a pressure of 1013 mbar and with an energy content Hs of 35,17 MJ/m3. The maximum capacity is a determining factor for the design and dimensions of the connection point. We need the minimum capacity in conjunction with the off-take pattern in order to verify the measuring equipment provided by connected parties.
    The off-take pattern raises questions about anticipated use. For example, connected parties may consume more gas in the winter for space heating, so a summer/winter pattern is involved here. Sometimes there is also a continuous (low) basic off-take with regular peaks that are a multiple of the basic off-take.
    In brief, the off-take pattern indicates how connected parties’ installations are operated and provides insight into the possible fluctuations in gas consumption between minimum and maximum capacity.