• Yes, you can ask us to return all or part of your additional securities if you expect that you will no longer need the additional credit. The financial securities must be valid for at least 2 months after the end date of the longest transmission booking contract. If, for example, a transmission contract has expired, surplus unused credit becomes available. Your credit limit must at least cover your exposure but we advise you to keep a minimum of 15% of your credit limit as surplus unused credit. Remember to allow for extra unused credit you will need if you want to book transmission in the future.

  • The amended credit worthiness policy affects every customer. A large number of customers has to increase and/or extend their securities, which takes processing time within GTS. Therefore we request our customers to provide us their final additional securities (a final security is a valid security which is accepted by GTS)  before 1 November 2018. Securities provided after 1 November 2018 will be processed on a best effort basis.

  • No, in case your organization features a valid “warehouse arrangement”, VAT can be excluded when calculating your exposure and related credit limit. 

  • If your organization is registered under a Dutch VAT code and does not feature a warehouse arrangement, VAT will be added to your LDC reservation. GTS will adjust the LDC reservation during the second half of September 2018. Tis adjustment will be visible in Gasport immediately, starting January 2019.

  • During the second half of September, GTS will end your TTF reservation (€ 50.000) per gas day 1 January 2019. The same date, the imbalance reservation (€ 100.000) will start. VAT will be included in the  LDC reservation per 1 January (if applicable). These changes will be visible in Gasport by the end of September 2018. Provided additional securities will be visible immediately after processing.

    VAT on all services (for e.g. contracted capacities) and the amended daily imbalance will be visible as of 1 January 2019.

  • Current securities with a written end date will be shortened by GTS with 4 months due to the amended credit worthiness policy instead of the current 2 months. In case the exposure of the last 2 months is not covered by a security anymore, you have to send us an amendment bank guarantee or a new parent company guarantee or surety agreement.

  • Once a day at 06.00 hour the available credit space per customer is interfaced to PRISMA . During the period that your spent percentage of 100% is exceeded, no capacity can be contracted.