Consultation Document Network Development Plan 2017 (NOP2017)

The consultation document of the second edition of the Network Development Plan 2017 (NOP2017) describes the need for gas transport in the Netherlands. It is prepared by GTS on a voluntary basis and is a response to stakeholders who expressed strong interest in the first edition which was prepared two years ago. The scenarios used in this edition have been established together with TenneT to cover the whole Dutch energy landscape. The scenarios are strongly aligned with the scenarios used on a wider European level in the Ten Year Development Plans of the European gas and electricity infrastructure associations, ENTSOG and ENTSO-E. 

The Netherlands is engaged in the transition of its energy use towards a low carbon future, in line with Dutch national policy and with the country’s international climate commitments. The NOP takes this as a major focus of future planning.

Implications for our gas infrastructure depend to a large extent on gas market and infrastructure developments in neighbouring countries as well as on the development of other forms of energy in the Netherlands. The NOP2017 confirms that the basic structure of the gas roundabout is complete and fit for purpose, but that at specific entry- and exitpoints adjustments will be required to facilitate customer choice and energy transition.

The NOP2017 consists of a main report including appendices, a separate appendix VII and reference to the ECN energy scenarios. You will find these documents via this link.

NOP report 2017 5 MB 27 Jul 2017
NOP report 2017 appendix 7 1 MB 27 Jul 2017
Agenda NOP workshop 6-9-2017 26 kB 27 Jul 2017