Investment plan 2020

Pursuant to Article 7a of the Gas Act, GTS, like all network operators, must write an investment plan (IP). With the IP, GTS offers an overview including substantiation of investments in the short and long term.

Until now, GTS complied with this legal provision through the Quality and Capacity Document (KCD / NOP). However, national legislation (Decisions 375 and MR WJZ / 18038636) was adopted in 2018, laying down further rules for the investment plan. The most important change is the status of the document: previously the NOP / KCD was offered to EZK and ACM for information, but the IP will be offered for approval. Approval of the IP therefore means approval of the described investments in the interior. 

GTS must submit the first IP to ACM and the Minister by 1 July 2020 at the latest. They assess the IP within 12 weeks against Article 7a 2b of the Gas Act. ACM assesses whether GTS could reasonably have come to the draft investment plan and whether the investments described are necessary, EZK assesses whether GTS has taken sufficient account of developments in the energy market. 

This investment plan applies for a period of eighteen months. GTS must then submit an IP to ACM and the Minister on 1 January of every even calendar year. In the event of significant changes, the IP can be revised in the interim by means of an addendum. 

National legislation provides for a consultation. In addition, GTS organizes two information sessions for market parties: the first information session about the process and the scenarios took place on November 27, the second session about the investments will be organized in spring. 

The presentation of the first information session is available below.