Maintenance Calendar

Maintenance conversion installations

Planned maintenance is carried out regularly on GTS conversion installations and on the production of nitrogen. Both result in less nitrogen being available for conversion. The table attached shows the resulting reduced amount of nitrogen that is available and for what periods. The final column gives the date on which the rule concerned was last changed. A maximum of 627.000 m3(n)/h nitrogen is available.

Maintenance is planned well in advance. Operating time depending maintenance and unforeseen interruptions which take longer than a few days are also shown in the table.

In addition to the reduced availability of nitrogen shown in the table, acute and short-term faults can also lead to decreased nitrogen availability. This is not included in the table below but is notified via REMIT notifications. Actual and historical information about nitrogen usage can be requested via the Nitrogen report.

The planned start and end dates in the table are indications. All changes to the maintenance calendar will be notified via REMIT prior information notices. The actual start or end of the work will be notified via final REMIT reports. The final REMIT reports are leading. A REMIT report will be produced when the work actually starts, and another REMIT report will be produced when the work is completed.

Reduced Capacity Nitrogen (m3/h)
Start Eind Firm Firm Volume Restricted Non-firm Last modified
2017/08/28 2017/10/01 60 000     2017/03/30
2017/10/02 2017/10/06 60 000 16 000   2017/03/30
2017/10/07 2017/10/11 60 000     2017/03/30
2017/10/12 2017/10/27 60 000   15 000 2017/02/15
2017/10/28 2017/11/05     15 000 2017/06/29
2017/11/06 2017/11/20 65 000   15 000 2017/06/29
2017/11/21 2017/11/24 65 000     2017/06/29
Maintenance Calendar N2 17 kB 10 Aug 2017