Network Development Plan 2017 (NOP 2017)

The Netwerk Ontwikkelings Plan (NOP2017) describes the supply and demand of gas and the need for gas transport that we expect in the Netherlands. Further it describes the related developments of the GTS infrastructure. The NOP presents four scenarios that have been developed in close cooperation with TenneT. The scenarios represent the energy system as a whole and are in line with the scenarios that are being used by ENSOG and ENTSO_E in their TYNDP.

This second edition of the NOP has been prepared as stakeholders showed strong interest in the first edition of the document. The Netherlands is dedicated to a transition towards an energy system that is virtually without CO2 emission - this aim is a precondition to the NOP.

Developments of our gas infrastructure are to a large extent depending on the market- and infrastructural developments in the surrounding countries and on developments of alternative energy carriers in the Netherlands. The NOP confirms that the Dutch Gas Roundabout is adequate but that on specific entry- or exitpoints measures need to be completed so as to provide shippers with diverse supply opportunities and to facilitate the energy transition.

On 27 July 2017 a consultation draft of the document has been published. This opened a consultation period until 22 September during which parties could share their views about the document with us. We discussed the document during a consultation workshop with 21 parties on 6 September 2017 and we received four non-confidential responses to the draft.

The final version of the NOP has been published on 30 November 2017, this document includes the views that we received during the consultation period. The final NOP and the non-confidential responses can be found on this site.

Response on consultation version NOP 2017

Response National Grid 85 kB 04 Dec 2017
Response FNB gas 320 kB 04 Dec 2017
Response Engie 162 kB 04 Dec 2017

Response on consultation version NOP 2017 – Addendum

Response Colenbrander 26 kB 25 May 2018
Response Engie 75 kB 25 May 2018
Response OMV GAS Marketing & Trading GmbH 112 kB 25 May 2018
Response Gasterra 168 kB 25 May 2018
Response Orsted AS 43 kB 25 May 2018
Response VGN 150 kB 25 May 2018
Response VEMW 235 kB 25 May 2018