Gasunie Transport Services submitted three projects to be assessed as Project of Common Interest (PCI) under Regulation 347/2013. These projects are also included in the TYNDP 2015 (to be published 1Q2015). 

Project TRA-N-192

Entry capacity expansion GATE terminal
Expansion of entry capacity at the GAT terminal. This will allow increased import of LNG into northwest Europe which can compensate  declining indigenous production

Project TRA-N-313

H-gas transport between NL and D
Expansion of H-gas import and export capacity with Germany in the southeastern part of the NL. Specifically expansion of IP capacity at Bocholtz, Venlo, Winterswijk and Zevenaar. With this project the converted L-gas markets in Germany can be supplied with H-gas from a variety of sources and transport routes, both from southern Europe and western Europe. This increases diversification and security of supply of the converted L-gas markets

Project TRA-N-314

Transport from OSZ/Bunde to Julianadorp
Expansion of entry capacity at OSZ to allow increased imports via Germany to be transported to the Dutch market and via BBL to the UK. Also exports to Germany at OSZ can be increased under circumstances of high LNG imports in the Netherlands. With this project, the interconnection capacity between the Netherlands and northern Germany is increased, thereby increasing diversification of sources and transport routes and also increasing security of supply

Contactt details

Gasunie Transport Services, nop@gastransport.nl
Public consultation is planned in the consultation of the Dutch Network Development Plan (NOP), starting Q2 2015