Nomination process

Nomination process for entry and exit points

By submitting a nomination to us, you are indicating how much gas you wish to transport for each hour of the gas day (kWh/h) at a network exit/entry point.

Nominations are obligatory for any network point for which you have contracted capacity with us. Exemption from the obligation to make a nomination is only possible on the basis of Article 2.3 from Appendix 5 of our TSC.

When nominations come in, they are tested against the capacity booked by you. If the nomination is higher than this capacity, you will be notified. The nomination will be rejected and if you do not renominate within your booked capacity, you will get a zero confirmation. This will also happen if you do not nominate at all; a zero nomination will then be assumed.

We must be informed of initial nominations before 14:00 hours on the gas day prior to the gas day on which transport is to take place (nominations can/may be made 179 days in advance). We will deal with your nominations from that moment, for such actions as matching with NNOs and any necessary interruptions.
You will receive your confirmations from us before 16:00 hours. If your confirmation differs from the nomination, the confirmation will also contain the reasons for the deviation (MisMatch, Interruption etc.). Nominations received by us between 14:00 and 16:00 hours will be tested by us for capacity, but will only be considered for further processing after 16:00 hours. Renominations are then possible if these have been received and accepted by us at least 2 hours before the first hour of the changed amount. We will deal with this renomination from the next full hour (clock hour) following receipt of the renomination.

Nominations are matched by us with the NNO at almost all border points and landing points of offshore pipelines. Matching messages are exchanged between the NNO and GTS on the basis of the nominations of the NNO shippers and our shippers. Nominations are matched on the basis of the standard matching rule, the Lesser of Rule (LoR): The lowest value of the nomination of our shipper and its NNO counter-shipper will be confirmed to both shippers. Both the NNO and GTS will confirm the matching result to their own shippers.

If it is necessary to interrupt nominations with respect to interruptible booked capacity, this will take place before the matching. The result will be included in the matching and becomes visible to you via the confirmation. If interruptions of interruptible capacity take place, contracts with the same priority (time stamp) will be treated on a pro rata basis.

Nominations for TTF and TTFB

nomination lead time of an ½ hour applies to TTF and TTFB. Initial matching takes place on the basis of the initial nominations of shippers transferring gas to each other. The confirmations get the status “Settled”. Nominations may be sent 400 days in advance. These will be matched an ½ hour before the next full clock hour after receipt.

With regard to renominations, only if both shippers have sent in new matching nominations, new confirmations will be issued with a “Settled” status. Deals on TTF can therefore not be changed unilaterally by shippers.

Producer Prevail Matching Rule

The standard matching rule on border points with so called Neighbouring Network Operators (NNOs) is the Lesser of Rule (LoR). We have made agreements with a number of NNOs (particularly those having onshore or offshore pipelines with several connected producers) for the application of the Producer Prevail (PP) matching rule: In such cases, the nomination of the NNO shipper (upstream) will prevail and we and the NNO will confirm these via matching to our shippers.
This rule is then the default matching rule at the connection point concerned.

Irrespective of the PP rule or the LoR rule, the PP matching rule always applies for the first hour after matching.

Before starting delivery, you should let us know which matching rule you have agreed with your counter-shipper/producer with the NNO. It is assumed that the NNO will also implement this in its matching process on the instructions of its shipper.