Capacity of the transmission network

The technical capacities  at entry points and exit points are updated on a regular basis. The rules for the calculation of the technical capacity are included in the Dutch gas regulation: annex 2 of the transportation conditions.

The determination of the technical capacity is based among other things on prognoses: the expectations in future years of the development of capacities at entry and exit points.  There is also a role for the following design conditions: qualified choices with regard to technical capabilities of the transportation grid or components of the grid; physical and chemical aspects of the natural gas transported; expectations with regard to the usage of entry points and exit points or combinations of exit points and entry points.

The gas conditions require the publication on the website of GTS of the prognoses (paragraph 2.2.1 of annex 2) and the design conditions (paragraph 2.2.2 of annex 2) that GTS applies to determine the technical capacity. This requirement is met with the report “Ontwerp uitgangspunten transportsysteem”.

Detailed physical and chemical properties of gas transportation and natural gas are assembled in "Physical Properties of Natural Gases, 1980, NV Nederlandse Gasunie”.