Addendum Network Development Plan 2017 (NOP2017)

29 Mar 2018

Today GTS has published an addendum of the NOP 2017. The plan describes the development of supply and demand of gas, the need for gas transport that we expect in the Netherlands and the related development of the GTS infrastructure. The addendum to the  NOP 2017 describes the implications of reduced production from the Groningen field on the domestic market and on proposed investments in the GTS network. The English version of the addendum will be published early next week.

We hope you will enjoy reading this document and we are eager to hear your views. We therefore invite you to respond to Please specify if your reaction is confidential. The consultation period will end on April 26th.

We will organize a consultation session on April 13th in the van der Valk Hotel A4 at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport where we will present the plan and invite you to take part in a discussion.