Change in the Edig@s-XML messaging

12 Apr 2017

We would like to inform you about a mandatory change in the Edig@s-XML messaging process starting 3 May 2018. We inform you at this early stage to enable you to adjust your IT systems in time for this change in the messaging process.

Due to the European Network Code on Interoperability and Data Exchange that went into force on May 2016 European TSO’s are obliged to use the AS4 protocol for document based information exchange.

Based on a decision of our National Regulatory Authority (ACM) GTS is allowed to offer the protocol AS2 besides AS4 until 3 May 2018.

GTS offers the use of the AS4 protocol over the Internet using HTTPS, for communication regarding the Edig@s-XML messages:

  • Nomination (NOMINT)
  • Confirmation (NOMRES)
  • Program Document (PRODOC)
  • Program Confirmation (PROCON)
  • Balancing Document (BALDOC)
  • Balancing Confirmation (BALCON)
  • Clearing Confirmation (CLRCON).

This means GTS will not support the use of the AS2 protocol after 3 May 2018, so, for example, you cannot send nominations to GTS via AS2 anymore!

The details of the mandatory communication method after 3 May 2018 are:

  • the communication is based on AS4 over Internet using HTTPS
  • the AS4 (Applicability Standard 4) protocol supports document-based data exchange
  • documents are encoded in an XML format standardised by EASEE-gas as Edig@s-XML
  • the AS4 exchange is standardised in the ENTSOG usage profile
  • GTS also requires the use of TLS using TLS1.2 in HTTPS

For more information about the use of the AS4 protocol, see GTS Communicatie check on this page.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact the Nomination Support team (+31 50 521 2700 or

GTS Communication check 520 kB 01 May 2017