Save the date: July 4th 2019, Consultation workshop regarding the assumptions for the determination of the required Groningen production

21 Jun 2019

After the earthquake at Westerwijtwerd on May 22th, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policies has asked us to investigate the possibilities to accelerate the reduction of the Groningen production. On June 11th we have send our preliminary advice to the Minister of Economic Affairs and climate Policy.

One of the proposed measures is to increase the utilization of our Nitrogen facilities from 92,5% to 100% (of the capacity of Ommen and Wieringermeer).  We would like to present planning principles and changes to these principles to the various market parties.

On June 26th we will send our preliminary advice and a slide pack to the known market parties. We want to elaborate this slide pack on July 4th 2019 via a workshop.  On July 10, C.O.B. the consultation period will expire and the submitted consultation responses will be taken into account in our final advice end of July.

The reason that GTS has chosen for this short consultation period is because of the limited time in which several necessary steps have to be taken before the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has to take his final decision concerning the Groningen production via a so-called “vaststellingsbesluit”.

The workshop is intended for our shippers and the regular Representative Organizations and will take place from 10.30 to 12.30, followed by lunch. You can register using this form. You will then receive an invitation with further information. Please indicate your attendance before June 28th.