Finalisation split GTS

18 Apr 2016

With effect from this year, GTS has been split into two separate companies: GTS as the owner of the national main transport system (HTL) and Gasunie Grid Services (GGS) as the owner of the regional high-pressure system (RTL). In our original planning, GGS was supposed to have been appointed as transmission system operator at the start of 2016, which would have meant that there are two transmission system operators from 1 January 2017.

At the end of December 2015, however, the Dutch Senate voted against the legislative proposal STROOM. This also means that GGS cannot yet be appointed as second transmission system operator. Under the current Gas Act, GGS can only be appointed as a regular system operator. This would have far-reaching consequences for the set-up and operation of the TTF market. For this reason, the finalisation of the split is postponed until the moment that the Gas Act will make a second transmission system administrator possible, or the designation can be realised without an adjustment of the TTF market. In order to achieve the latter, GTS has submitted a change in the entry conditions. The final decisions on both the modification of the Gas Act and the entry conditions are not expected before 1 January 2017. 

The current situation will therefore be continued for the time being, with GTS continuing to be the designated system operator for both GTS's HTL network and GGS's RTL network. The set-up and operation of the TTF market can thus be maintained. As soon as we know more about the time path, we will inform our customers and other stakeholders.