Tender Flexibility Services 2012

14 Oct 2011

In line with the draft decision "Methode van regulering flexibiliteitsdiensten GTS" issued in August of this year by the Dutch Competition Authority (NMa) and in accordance with the Dutch Gas Act, we intend to offer Flexibility Services to our customers in 2012, but only after the NMa has issued the final decision.

If your company is interested to sell and deliver flexibility services to us, you are invited to participate in the next GTS tender Flexibility Service 2012. If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact us by email: flexibility@gastransport.nl.

It is our intention to offer Nomflex to our customers for the whole year 2012 and the first quarter 2012 in week 46 (Monday 18 November). In case you have any questions concerning the Nomflex service please contact P.Schultz(at)gastransport.nl.