GTS decision to implement VIPs in Q1 2020

28 Jun 2018

GTS announced in January 2018 that because of an ambiguity in NC CAM, and the interpretation of the European Commission thereof GTS would postpone the implementation of VIPs.

Following the announcement GTS has through ENTSOG, and ACM has through ACER sought clarification and this resulted in a number of potential solutions. During a consultation workshop in April 2018 these solutions have been discussed, and consequently we asked market parties to share their preferences. On 15 June GTS reported that the proposal from ENTSOG and ACER for repairing this ambiguity has been sent to the European Commission for discussion at the member state meeting at 20 June.

Recently we were informed that the Commission will not aim for changing NC CAM in 2018. EC might add any change of the CAM NC to the Gas 2020 package that will be introduced earliest in mid 2020. The Commission may publish a non-binding guidance note on VIPs within the coming weeks. While market parties seek clarity from GTS regarding the implementation of VIPs GTS will no longer wait for a clear legal and regulatory framework.

Considering the input we received from market parties during the recent workshop and the reactions on the consultation document as well as the outcome of the discussion of the Commission on the 20th of June, GTS decided to implement the VIP-only model  in Q1 2020 under the condition that the NC TAR with a postage stamp tariff mechanism as RPM is implemented by then.

We elaborated on this decision in our consultation report that we published today on the VIP-page on our website.