Improved planning methodology for short term capacities

28 Apr 2017

GTS noticed a change in booking behavior of shippers.  A shift occurs from long term (year and quarter) to short term (month and shorter). GTS therefore investigated the possibilities of improving her planning methodology that is used for calculating available technical capacities at network points.

 The proposed improved methodology uses the already existing calculation methodology for the long term (year and quarter) also for the short term (month and shorter). The difference is that for the short term realizations of more recent periods are taking into account and a better estimate can be  made for unavailability and maintenance periods.

The improved methodology is possible because GTS frequently aligns with her NNO’s which provides better insight in the technical capacities of those NNO’s. Next to that GTS gained experience with offering overbook capacity and the use of it at several interconnection points. All these points contributed to the network code change proposal that GTS has submitted in order to be able to implement the improved planning methodology.

The technical capacity for month, day and within day may get higher than calculated before on the basis of the long term calculation methodology. It is GTS’s intention to use the new methodology at network points where additional capacity requirements arise or where technical capacity offered by the NNO is higher than the capacity GTS offers. This means that, next to offering new capacity at interconnection points, the new (primary) capacity can be offered on domestic network points as well. Due to streamlining short term capacities between GTS and NNO’s the offered bundled capacities will be maximized.

The draft network code change proposal is available for approval at ACM. We will keep you informed about the developments and as soon as approval is gained we will implement the new methodology and update this webpage.