Ministry of Economic Affairs consults market players on different approach to gas production

07 Oct 2015

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has today announced that before the end of the year the Cabinet will research whether different approaches to gas production in the Netherlands are an option.  Two options will be considered.

The study will look at the consequences for the functioning of the gas market, the security of supply and the dependency on import. In respect of the security of supply, GTS has, the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, updated the 2013 study into how many cubic meters of gas from Groningen are necessary to guarantee secure of supply in a cold year.

Over the next three weeks, a consultation with market players about the provisional findings and conclusions of the review of a different approach to gas extraction will take place via the website The Cabinet is expected to take a decision on gas extraction in Groningen for the year 2015-2016 and beyond in December 2015.