New tranches for the entry point Julianadorp August 8, 2012

07 Aug 2012

Once a year GTS determines -on the basis of historical data- how much interruptible capacity can be offered in the various tranches for all border points. These new capacities are generally bookable at the start of a new calendar year. Since GTS conducted these interruptible capacities calculations earlier than usual, the new tranches will be available from the start of the next gas year.

Currently all the capacity offered in the tranches for entry capacity at Julianadorp (backhaul capacity) is contracted. Calculations show that the total entry capacity, GTS will make available from 1 October 2012 at Julianadorp, will be considerably higher than the current total available entry capacity. In connection with the current demand for entry capacity at Julianadorp GTS reviewed if the additional capacity can be made available early. Exceptionally GTS decided to make this possible, which means that the new tranches for the entry point Julianadorp will be made available by August 8, 2012.