No exclusive booking for end users

17 Nov 2010

Joint Dutch network operators withdraw their proposal

On 21 July 2010 we have informed you on the progress with regard to the proposal on exclusive booking of exit capacity for end users. The withdrawal of the proposal ("codewijzigingsvoorstel") is amongst others caused by the change directive ("wijzigingsopdracht") as issued on 17 June 2010 by the Dutch Competition Authority "Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit (NMa).

As a result of this change directive GTS on behalf of the joint Dutch network operators has had discussion with the NMa . Thereupon the joint Dutch network operators have decided to withdraw their proposal to introduce exclusive booking of exit capacity for end users. The adaptation of the proposal according to the change directive would in fact contribute too little to the improvement of interests' of all parties involved. Here you can download the letter (Dutch language only) that was sent to the NMa by the joint Dutch network operators.

This means that for you as an end user to GTS' network the current procedure does not change. Exit capacity for the year 2011 can be submitted via the usual GTS procedure i.e. via your supplier or by yourself in case you are licensed as EWEX or shipper.

Should new developments arise, we will keep you informed.