Retaining exit capacity for direct connected parties for 2020

29 Nov 2019

We are approaching the end of year 2019, and we are focusing on 2020, in which year we as GTS would like to serve you again through reliable gas delivery.

We now inform you that GTS reserves exit capacity for direct connected parties (DA) as described in article 2.1.2.a of the Transportcode Gas – LNB. This means that, until 1 December 2019, GTS will retain the capacity that is booked at your exit point (s) for the year 2019 also for the year 2020. After 1 December, this right on 'retained capacity' will expire. To be sure of contracted exit capacity for the period starting on January 1 2020, this capacity should be booked at GTS before 1 December 2019 at 06:00 CET. In most cases, you will not book the required capacity yourself, as your gas supplier is facilitating this for you. In that case you can request your gas supplier to book the required capacity before 1 December 2019 at 06:00 CET.

For questions, please contact the GTS Connections Desk (via +31 (0) 50 521 2323 or