Successful implementation CAM and CMP network codes

28 Jan 2014

Today GTS has successfully completed the implementation of the CAM and CMP network codes. As of today all our capacity products, primary (auction/FcFs/SoC) and secondary, will be offered via the European capacity platform PRISMA. The auctions of available capacity at the cross border interconnection points will take place in accordance with the CAM auction calendar. The first auction for day ahead capacity is scheduled for 16:30 hrs LET today. Capacity at other entry and exit points is available on a first come first serve basis.

All of GTSavailable capacity at the cross border interconnection points can be bundled with the available capacity of the neighboring TSOs. To allow for a smooth transition to the situation where firm capacity is offered in a fully bundled way and to give market parties the opportunity to adapt to this new situation, GTS and the neighboring TSOs agreed to implement the bundling of the different capacity products (day, month, quarter, year) stepwise in time. Most important adaptation to the original plans is that the first bundled auction of yearly capacity will take place in March 2015 in stead of March 2014. Market parties that already have contracted (long term) capacity at one side of the border can contract unbundled capacity at the other side of the border. Thereby avoiding the situation of having to contract bundled capacity on top of their existing capacity contract.

For the cross border interconnection points at the Belgian border (except ‘s Gravenvoeren) the following schedule applies:

  • As of 28 January 2014 GTS will have all capacity products at Hilvarenbeek auctioned unbundled via PRISMA.
  • For Zelzate (entry & exit) and Zandvliet (exit) the day ahead capacity (auction on 1 February for 2 February), monthly and quarterly capacity will be bundled.

In a later stage GTS and Fluxys Belgium will inform you on the timing for the bundling of yearly capacity at the Dutch / Belgian border.

For the cross border interconnection points at the German border and ‘s Gravenvoeren the following schedule applies:

  • Monthly capacity will remain unbundled until the monthly auction in September 2014 for the month October 2014. 
  • The auction of yearly capacity in March 2014 (for contracts beginning in October 2014) will also be unbundled.
  • The first bundled auction of yearly capacity will be in March 2015.The first auction of quarterly capacity, in June 2014, will be bundled (possible exception for OGE).
  • Day ahead capacity will be bundled as of today

A updated overview of the products that are offered at the cross border interconnection points can be found below.

Overview of auction products per cross border interconnection point

Dataport will be fully operational again in the first week of February. That implies that until that time PRISMA would be the primary source of information regarding the day ahead capacities to be auctioned at the cross border interconnection points. Since PRISMA publishes this information at the same time the auction starts, GTS decided to publish the relevant information already via our website. The capacities that will be auctioned as of the 28th of January until the 10th of February are downloadable here. 

Please be advised that this information does not yet contain capacity that will be offered as oversubscription & buy back capacity.