Update incremental capacity process

18 Jul 2019

Based on NC CAM (Regulation (EU) 2017/459), the incremental capacity process has been introduced, an EU-wide harmonized process to identify market demand for incremental capacity by transmission system operators (TSOs).

In 2017, GTS received a non-binding request for 11.9 GW additional capacity on the market boundary between GASPOOL and TTF in the first market demand assessment for incremental capacity. As a result, Gasunie Deutschland, GASCADE and GTS have initiated an incremental capacity process. In this process, a technical study and a financial assessment of the required measures were carried out, consulted and approved by ACM. The requested incremental capacity was then offered in the 2019 annual auction. However, the incremental capacity was not booked, therefore, the requested incremental capacity will not be built.

The next market demand for incremental capacity has already started; from 1 July 2019 to 25 August 2019, market parties can make their non-binding demand known. The requested capacity will be offered in the yearly auction in 2021.

Upon request of the market, GTS will offer the service Surrender of Capacity (SoC) within the market demand assessment of incremental capacity. In this way a single overview of demand and supply is obtained. If a market party has submitted a non-binding request for additional capacity, this overview can be used to investigate whether it is possible to match demand and supply so that no or less technical measures need to be taken.

Please, check our website for more information and the market demand assessment form.