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  • Yes, traders also need to be informed about the balancing regime and needs to be able to receive and send all the related messages.
    Although, fundamentally, a trader will not experience imbalances quickly, it may be the case that an imbalance occurs between entry and exit in the portfolio, e.g. due to incorrect  portfolio management or an error in the nominations/confirmations with counterparties.

  • If you want to become an offeror on the gas exchange you must satisfy a number of requirements. Click here for the website of ICE Endex. If you can trade on the exchange of ICE Endex that is sufficient to offer flexibility to the gas exchange in the run-up to a balancing action. GTS does not propose any additional requirements.

  • In principle, your POS is never reset. Settlements having an effect on the POS are WDBA’s. It is only when a WDBA is performed that volumes are set off pro rata against the positions (POSs) of the causers. Shippers with a position opposite to the SBS at the time of the balancing action are not affected.

  • We disclose the size of the zones per hour, based on the estimated transport load (with regard to the programmes delivered by the Shippers), at least two hours before the beginning of the gas day. These hourly values will not be changed after they have been published.

  • No, you are only obliged to apply damping if you transport gas to exit points that deliver to domestic consumers.