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  • The accountable POS is indeed only available between xx:15 and xx:20.
    For a POS where no near real-time allocations are needed that are only available after 5 minutes past the hour (such as RNB/PNB,TTF-B, etc.), the prognosticated POS for xx:00 (which is available before xx:05) is equal to the accountable POS at xx:15 – xx:20.

  • Yes, multiple portfolios with multiple POSses. A POS is per portfolio.

  • No, GTS has only a prognosis value for the coming hour.

  • Yes, the POS is also determined for a wheeling portfolio and a WDBA may also apply.

  • The invoice is kept the same as the BidPriceLadder invoice as much as possible. The two changes are:

    • The Line Pack Flexibility Service is added
    • On the front page (PDF) the total of balancing actions (supplied en received) is mentioned in “Exchange”. In the attachment you can find per balancingaction if it concerns supplied or received.