Becoming a customer

If you want to transport gas or want to trade on the gas exchange, you need to be customer of Gasunie Transport Services (GTS). To become a customer of GTS, you must fulfil a number of requirements. For instance, you must be accredited by us, provide proof of creditworthiness and must be able to communicate electronically with our systems.
The following texts explains more about how it all works. If you have any question after reading the information, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Desk.

There are various ways to become active in the GTS gas transport network. You can:

  • Only trade gas on the TTF, the virtual gas networkpoint;
  • Transport gas to domestic end users;
  • Transport to border points with surrounding countries;
  • Inject gas in our network as a producer;
  • Flow gas in and out of storage;
  • Deliver gas to local distribution companies.

Different licences are required for these different activities. An overview:

LC licence: If you only wish to trade gas on the TTF, you need an LC licence. You are then called a Trader.

LA licence: If you want to transport physical gas via feed-in points, domestic exit points, border points and gas storage, you are called a Shipper and require an LA licence This licence also enables you to trade on the TTF.

LB licence: If you want to supply to regional network companies, we also call you a Shipper, but you then require an LB licence. This licence also gives you access to all activities mentioned under LA licence.

If you want to become a shipper, you need to apply for a licence as a ‘recognised programme-responsible party’ (PV in Dutch).

LL licence: If you have a connection to the national transport network and want to book your capacity directly with GTS, we call you an EWEX (AMEX in Dutch, connect party with exit capacity) and you require an LL licence.

For the exact conditions you need to meet, to obtain a licence, continue to reed our website.

Want to become a customer?

If you would like to become an active  trader in the Netherlands, go to Become a gas trader.

If you would like to become a  in the national gas network, go to Become a shipper.

If you are interested in a  to the national gas transport network or you want to change some aspect of your connection, go to New connection to apply for or change your existing connection.

If you already have a connection to the national gas transport network and want to book your transport  directly with , go to Become EWEX (AMEX)?


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  • The total time required for the communication process is very variable, being largely dependent on the extent to which the IT systems are equipped to communicate with each other. Changes may need to be made to make the protocols suitable for the communication tests. The time required is therefore very dependent on the existing infrastructure and the resources available. You could consider outsourcing the communication tests to a specialist company. Providing the required financial securities can also affect how long the process takes.

  • You can get a licence before you use our services. There is no requirement to use the licence as soon as you get it. Nor will the licence run out.

  • There are no costs associated with obtaining a licence and we will not send you a bill. Of course, you will have to bear the costs of any measures you have to take to meet the conditions for obtaining a licence.

  • No

  • As a shipper, you must have a licence A or licence B and sufficient credit margin.