Become a trader

We facilitate the TTF (Title Transfer Facility) in order to stimulate gas trading. You need at least a license C. Then, after registering on the TTF, you can easily transfer gas from one owner to the other.

Title Transfer Facility (TTF)

The Title Transfer Facility (TTF) is a virtual market place where we offer market parties the opportunity to transfer gas that is already in the GTS system to another party. For more information see TTF.

You only want to do business on the TTF?

If you only want to have the possibility to trade gas on the TTF, you need a C license and a TTF registration.

You want to do business on the TTF and be able to book transmission capacity?

If, in addition to trading on the TTF, you also want to have transport to a border point at your disposal or for trading at an adjacent trading point or to an industrial exit point, you need at least an A license and a TTF registration. You can then book transport capacity yourself. For more information see Become a shipper.

How to become a trader?

To be active on the TTF, you need at least a license C. The conditions you have to meet to obtain a C license are described under ‛Licensing‛. To register on the TTF, we ask you to complete the registration form.

You can choose to have your detailed TTF registration published on our website. This makes finding a suitable trading partner easy. See the list of registered TTF users at the bottom of this page.

If you want to use this option, please complete the ‘TTF publication form’.

Use the Application form Licensing to start the licensing process.

You can find the application forms under ‛Application Documents‛.

Licence list and parties registered on TTF.

Licence list 60 kB 11 Oct 2019
List registered TTF users 49 kB 11 Oct 2019