Only parties licenced by GTS can use our transport services. We recommend you to submit your licence application well in advance of the date on which the transport service starts. You can apply for three types of licences: A, B or C.

With a C licence, you can only make use of the TTF.  If you have an A licence, in addition to use of the TTF, you can also transport gas after you have entered into a contract for transport capacity. If you want to transport gas to a transfer point with a local gas transport network, you need a B licence.

Conditions for obtaining an A licence

If you have submitted your A licence application, you will be granted this licence provided you meet the following 3 conditions:

  1. Creditworthines: Your credit rating is adequate for your intended obligations. This means that you meet the financial security requirements appropriate for the exposure. The rules are set out in Appendix 1 of the National Network Code Gas – TSO, which can be found on the Government website. You can read more about creditworthiness.
  2. Electronic communication: You meet the requirements for electronic communication for nominations, entry and exit programs, the portfolio imbalance signal and balancing actions. You have performed a positive communication check with us as proof.  You can find more information about electronic communication and the communication check.
  3. Prudence: You have the expertise and you exercise due care in all respects, and you also have the technical, administrative and organisational facilities required to be able to transport gas in the national grid. You act in accordance with these requirements.Balancing regime.

    It is important to keep informed about the current tariff system and corresponding services, the Dutch Network Code Gas and the GTS Transmission Service Conditions (TSC). We operate on the assumption that you have acquainted yourself with this information before doing business with us. 

    A subject that needs special attention, both for shippers and traders, is the balancing regime. We assume that all new licenced parties are sufficiently acquainted with this topic. You can read more about balancing under Balancing regime.


Conditions for obtaining an B licence

Parties with a B licence can also transport gas to a transfer point with a local network operator (LDC exit point). In addition to the requirements for the A licence, the following conditions apply:

  • A creditworthiness of €50,000 is reserved for OV exit contracts for parties with an LB licence.
  • You  have an EAN code, which can be applied for at EAN-Nederland
  • You participate in electronic communication with respect to allocations. You need to perform a test to be certified for the messaging process, which is facilitated by EDSN.

Conditions for obtaining a C licence

Parties with licence C can only make use of the TTF service. The requirements for an A licence apply also for a C licence, apart from an obligation regarding the electronic communication: parties with a C licence are not obliged to implement the B2B service.

If a party meets the conditions for licencing (A, B, or C), GTS will grant the licence and we will publish the licencing on our website. The party is then designated as a ‘shipper’.

You can find the licence list and list of registered TTF users below.

Licence list 75 kB 13 Jun 2019
List registered TTF users 54 kB 03 Jun 2019
Application form Licensing 159 kB 09 Apr 2019
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  • The total time required for the communication process is very variable, being largely dependent on the extent to which the IT systems are equipped to communicate with each other. Changes may need to be made to make the protocols suitable for the communication tests. The time required is therefore very dependent on the existing infrastructure and the resources available. You could consider outsourcing the communication tests to a specialist company. Providing the required financial securities can also affect how long the process takes.

  • You can get a licence before you use our services. There is no requirement to use the licence as soon as you get it. Nor will the licence run out.

  • There are no costs associated with obtaining a licence and we will not send you a bill. Of course, you will have to bear the costs of any measures you have to take to meet the conditions for obtaining a licence.

  • No