Emergency procedure short-term auctions

From 20 July 2018, GTS has set up an emergency procedure for shippers in order to be able to continue to book short-term capacity when unannounced disruptions on the PRISMA platform at interconnection points occur. This service is provided on a best effort basis.

The requested capacity can be booked by shippers using the form Request for entry and / or exit capacity. This form is available at the bottom of this page. After the form has been completed, it must be sent by email to both CCPContractDispatching@gastransport.nl and customerdesk@gastransport.nl.

Only interruptible capacity can be booked via the emergency procedure. This prevents (the same) firm capacity being sold twice. When the disruption is solved on PRISMA, all firm capacity available before the disruption will be (re)offered for the remainder of the day.

Procedure during disruption Day Ahead auction

  • PRISMA informs the market through an Urgent Market Message (UMM) that a disruption occurred at the time of the Day Ahead (DA) auction.
  • The upcoming Within Day (WD) auction will act as fall back. This auction starts at 19:00 LET.
  • If this auction is also disrupted, PRISMA will try to start this auction again until about 21:45 LET. If PRISMA’s actions do not succeed, the market will be informed at approximately 22:00 LET.
  • If both the DA and the subsequent WD auction that starts at 19:00 LET are disrupted, shippers can book capacity for the next gas day between 22:00 LET and 2:30 LET with the aforementioned form at GTS.

Procedure during disruption Within Day auction

  • PRISMA informs the market through an Urgent Market Message (UMM) that a disruption has occurred at the WD auctions.
  • If the disruption occurs for first WD auction of the gas day (19:00 LET), than the procedure "Procedure during disruption Day Ahead auction" applies.
  • If the disruption occurs at an auction other than the first WD auction, 2 hours after the start time of the disturbed auction, capacity can be booked through the form Request for entry and/or exit capacity. The emergency procedure ends when the problems on the PRISMA platform have been resolved.
  • GTS will try to maintain the same lead time / processing time during the manual emergency procedure as under normal conditions during the auctions on Prisma. For example: when the Within-Day auction at 14:00 LET is disturbed and this is still the case at 16:00 LET, a shipper must have submitted the form with requested capacity between 16:00 LET and before 16:30 LET when the shipper wants to buy capacity from 20:00 LET until 6:00 LET.

When booking using the form, shipper must take into account the lead time for nominations and the processing time of the application by GTS.