FcFs network points

Except for the cross border interconnection points where the CAM NC is applicable, capacity can be booked on a first come first served basis. This can be done on the European booking platform Prisma.

  • Please note that concerning FcFs bookings: Separate availability checks and booking requests are not supported. In Prisma the availability check always precedes a capacity booking
  • Profiled booking or a combined booking  of firm and interruptible capacity is not supported

You will be able to book firm capacity for any period you want. Firm FcFs capacity can be booked for any period and is available as unbundled capacity at all network points other than the cross border interconnection points.

Prisma supports an integrated booking request and booking enquiry. Each booking request is automatically preceded by an explicit booking enquiry. The result of the enquiry (capacity is available or TSO offers alternatives) is returned to the shipper who then can proceed the process with the actual booking.

Booking request may have to be processed manually if for instance a shipper wants to book more capacity than what is technical available. GTS will send a reply stating that the request is processed manually. In case the shipper is only interested in an availability check, he could contact the GTS customer desk. In case the shipper wants to book the capacity, if available, the booking will proceed into manual process and GTS will book that capacity on behalf of the shipper if available.

The PRISMA FcFs process does not support profiled capacity bookings. PRISMA can not handle ranges that consist of two separate periods within a twelve month timeframe. The capacity in the second range for the two quarters depicted by the grey blocks is treated as two separate bookings and will result in two separate contracts and therefore higher costs.

Afterwards, as solution for these higher costs due to the separate contracts, GTS will apply (on request) the monthly factors to the booked capacity in the two quarters in the second range as if it were one booking.

Entry and exit capacity gas storage

The entry capacity gas storage service offers the right to feed a certain hourly volume of gas into the national gas transport network at an entry point. The exit capacity gas storage service offers the right to withdraw a certain hourly volume of gas from the national gas transport network at an exit point. Entry and exit capacity gas storage are contracted and allocated to authorised programme-responsible parties on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

What will change as of 1 january 2020

On 11 December 2018 ACM published the final NC TAR decision. This decision describes the new tariff structure and conditions applicable as of 1 January 2020. We informed you about the changes in our newsletter of July 2019.  

One of the changes concerns contracting FCFS capacity. For bookings with a starting date of 1 January 2020 or later, only one capacity product can be contracted per booking. It is then no longer possible to contract combined (profiled and period) bookings.  

To help shippers to determine the optimum combination of capacity products for profiled and period bookings, GTS has made two calculation tools available:  

  • Calculation tool profiled booking: a tool which converts a non-flat (profiled) booking for one year into an optimum combination of yearly, quarterly and monthly capacity products; 

  • Calculation tool period booking: a tool which converts a flat (non-profiled) booking for a booking period of less than one year into an optimum combination of yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily capacity products. 

Both calculation tools advise shippers the cheapest combination of capacity products, based on the given input. Shippers obviously remain responsible for (timely) contracting the right (combination of) capacity products themselves. No rights or whatsoever can be derived from these calculation tools.  

Download calculation tool

Calculation tool profiled booking 303 kB 16 Sep 2019
Calculation tool period booking 3 MB 16 Sep 2019