Small Field Capacity

Specific beneficial provisions for contracting SFA entry capacity

We fulfil a crucial role in the implementation of the Small Field Policy, which has been established by the Dutch government, ensuring the required entry and transport capacity for those small fields. The Dutch gas law contains certain key stipulations with respect to the implementation of the Small Field Policy. Together with producers and operators, we estimate the requirement for the next twenty years, in order to be able to offer the required entry and transport capacity. We are allowed, if necessary, to attach additional conditions to entry capacity for small fields, in order to perform our tasks as efficiently as possible.

We offer specific beneficial provisions to shippers for contracting entry capacity related to gas from small fields. In essence, this means that pre booked yearly capacity will be adjusted retrospectively and replaced by the final yearly booking, which is based on the realised hourly allocations for each month. The Small Fields Accommodation (SFA) provisions are laid down in Appendix 9 of our TSC. These provisions are available for all shippers who want to deliver gas from small fields to our grid. The entry points which the SFA relates to are given in Appendix 1a (under “Production points”) in our TSC.

The booking procedure for SFA entry capacity is as follows:

  1. Booking of yearly contract (SFA Yearly capacity product).
  2. During the contract year: Additional bookings are possible, by means of monthly contracts (SFA Monthly capacity product). For performing short-term production tests, you can book daily contracts (SFA Daily capacity product).
  3. After expiration of the yearly contract: The yearly contract and possible monthly contracts will be replaced byby one final yearly booking. This final yearly booking (SFA Final Yearly capacity product) will be based on the realised hourly allocations: For each month we take the maximum hourly allocation. Daily contracts remain unchanged.

You cannot book SFA entry capacity through the PRISMA platform; the use of SFA booking forms is required. The next table shows which SFA booking form you have to use for each SFA capacity product:

SFA Capacity product

SFA booking form

SFA Yearly capacity product

SFA Yearly/Monthly booking request form

SFA Monthly capacity product

SFA Yearly/Monthly booking request form

SFA Daily capacity product

SFA Daily booking request form


Both forms can be downloaded below.

You may send the completed form to: We will then book your requested SFA entry capacity and send a confirmation by e-mail.