Small Field Capacity

Favorable conditions for booking SFA entry capacity

The Dutch gas law contains provisions for implementing the small fields policy (Small Fields Accommodation, hereinafter: SFA). Due to the mandatory intake and transport of natural gas from small fields, GTS plays a crucial role in the small fields policy established by the Dutch government. Together with the producers and operators involved, we make estimates for the next twenty years to make this intake and transport obligation possible. If necessary, we attach additional conditions to the intake of gas from the small fields, so that we can perform our tasks as efficiently as possible.

To carry out the small-field policy, we offer shippers favorable conditions for entry capacity for gas originating from small fields. The essence of this is that the capacity products booked during the SFA contract period afterwards retro-actively will be replaced by one or more definitive capacity products. The full arrangement is laid down in Appendix 9 of the TSC: Small Fields Accommodation (SFA). Any shipper who wants to feed gas from small fields into the GTS network can make use the SFA provisions. The entry points to which the SFA conditions apply can be consulted in Appendix 1 of the TSC: Network points and reserve prices.

To book SFA entry capacity, you must use the SFA booking request forms that you can find at the bottom of this page. It is not possible to contract SFA capacity via the PRISMA platform. You can send the completed form to We will then take care of booking the requested SFA entry capacity and will confirm this to you by e-mail.

Method for booking SFA entry capacity

Prior to SFA contract period:
Shipper contracts Yearly capacity product for the relevant SFA entry point. This booking marks the start and end date of the SFA contract period.

During SFA contract period:
additional bookings possible through quarterly (Quarterly capacity product) and monthly contracts (Monthly capacity product). You can optionally book daily contracts (Daily capacity product), but only for short-term production testing by the operator of the relevant gas field.

At the end of the SFA contract period:
GTS replaces all capacity contracts within the SFA contract period with one or more definitive capacity products. These final capacity products are based on the realized maximum allocations (the highest hourly allocation per month) in the relevant contract period. Day contracts are not adjusted afterwards.

Optimization of SFA contract period with end date in 2020 (implementation NC-TAR)

 GTS implemented NC-TAR as of 1-1-2020. One of the changes concerns contracting on FCFS network points. For bookings with a start date of 1 January 2020 or later, only one capacity product can be contracted per booking. It is no longer possible to contract combined (profiled and/or period) bookings. This has consequences for optimizing an SFA contract period that started in 2019 and has an end date in 2020.

The part of the period that is located in 2019 will be handled as follows: based on the maximum hourly allocations during the months in 2019, one new (profiled) SFA capacity contract will be made for the contract period insofar as it is in 2019.

The contract period, insofar as it is in 2020, is optimized as follows: capacity products are booked on the basis of the maximum hourly allocations using the Calculation tool.

For both the new SFA capacity contract for 2019 and the new capacity products for 2020, the factors or reserve prices that apply to an yearly booking/product apply.

Calculation tool

To help shippers to determine the optimum combination of capacity products for profiled and period bookings, GTS has made two calculation tools available:  

  • Calculation tool profiled booking: a tool which converts a non-flat (profiled) booking for one year into an optimum combination of yearly, quarterly and monthly capacity products; 

  • Calculation tool period booking: a tool which converts a flat (non-profiled) booking for a booking period of less than one year into an optimum combination of yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily capacity products. 

Both calculation tools advise shippers the cheapest combination of capacity products, based on the given input. Shippers obviously remain responsible for (timely) contracting the right (combination of) capacity products themselves. No rights or whatsoever can be derived from these calculation tools.  

Download Calculation tool

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