With the service  capacity ‘Conversion’ is it possible to bundle  already booked unbundled capacity at an interconnection point (TSC Appendix 8) with capacity at the other side of the flange.  At this moment is Conversion only possible for Monthly-, Quarterly- and Yearly auctions.

In order to make use of this service you have to submit a signed  request for Capacity Conversion(see below) to the Customerdesk five days before the start of the auction.

Then you have to book via the auction at Prisma  as much bundled capacity as is desired for Conversion. The capacity of the existing contract will be decreased with the  bought capacity at the auction(of course for the same network point and direction).

The  monthly factor of the existing booking will be applied for new the converted capacity.

If at Prima a surcharge was applicable for the booked  bundled capacity then it will also be applicable on the converted capacity.

For now capacity Conversion is not possible through the PRISMA platform, but only via the Request form Conversion. This form has to be send to the Customerdesk.

After the auction you will be informed of the processed Conversion for both bookings.

Request for conversion 53 kB 29 Mar 2017