With the 'Capacity Conversion' service it is possible to bundle previously contracted unbundled capacity at an interconnection point (TSC Appendix 8) with capacity on the other side of the flange.

It is possible to convert unbundled capacity into bundled capacity via the PRISMA platform. This is possible for booked capacity on an annual, quarterly, monthly and daily basis. If you indicate on PRISMA that you want to convert capacity ('Bid for conversion of unbundled to bundled contract'), GTS will reduce your existing booking with the amount of capacity purchased at the auction (of course on the same network point and in the same direction).

The product type of the existing booking is applied to the new, converted capacity. If an auction premium ('surcharge') applied to the booking for the bundled capacity on PRISMA, this premium will also be applied to the converted capacity.

After the conversion has been successfully processed by GTS, you will receive a confirmation email. When you have converted daily capacity, this mail will be sent at around 19:00 LET.
If the conversion has not been carried out, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes after the closing of the auction.

An instruction for converting capacity on PRISMA can be found at the bottom of this page in the document 'Capacity conversion at auctions PRISMA'.

Request for conversion 53 kB 29 Mar 2017
Capacity conversion at auctions Prisma 228 kB 27 Jul 2018