What does this service offer me as a shipper:

With a diversion, shippers can transfer the transport capacity contracted at a point of entry or exit point to another entry point or exit point at the same location without any additional seizure on transport capacity and no restrictions on the capacity amount to be offered at the auction.

Request form diversion 46 kB 03 Jan 2020

GTS offers 4 combinations:
  van NWP naar NWP
1 Type IP - IP
2 Type Storage - Storage
3 Type IP - Storage
4 Type Storage - IP

For diversion from an IP to a network point type Storage the First Come First Served principle [FCFS] applies at the point where it is diverted to and the higher NWP tariff applies. There are no restrictions  on the duration of the diversion service, except within day.

For a diversion of a Storage point to an IP, GTS must offer the diversified capacity at the IP NWP auction where the capacity is to be diverted to. Therefore, the diversion only takes place conditional that the shipper has contracted capacity to divert at the applicable auction.

Subsequently that auction , the original contract is reduced with the contracted capacity out of the auction. Here also, the higher NWP tariff applies and the monthly factor of the auction contract remains applicable. Contract duration can be month, quarter and / or year.

For a diversion of a Storage point to an IP, the request must be received before GTS has published its auction items in concern of the diversion.

In principle, GTS will only support diversions of firm capacity. Diversion is possible on the established network point combinations.

You cannot book this Diversion service via the PRISMA platform, only via the application form Diversion. This form can be submitted via customerdesk.

For the extensive diversion capabilities, see Appendix 3 of the current TSC.              

The amount chargeable for diversion is a fixed fee laid down in Appendix 1c. Each diversion request regarding flat capacity at an entry or exit point for a continuous period resulting in a booking constitutes one diversion.

If you would like further information, please contact customerdesk.