Overshoot agreement

When 2 or more shippers are active at an industrial exit point, it is possible that one or more of these shippers exceed the individual contracted transport capacity, whilst the offtake is less than the sum of the booked capacities on said network point. Look also "End user with multiple Shippers".
To avoid such a occasion, an agreement can be made with the connected party at the exit point concerned, via art 4.a.4.1 regulation, such that the connected party will bear the risk of overshoot. The shippers’ booked capacities are added up together and the total allocation at this point may not exceed this total capacity (an operational margin of 2% applies to this).

Situation without 4.A.4.1 (Situation 1)    
Party Booking (kWh/h) Allocation (kWh/h) Overshoot (kWh/h)
Shipper A 10000 12000 Yes, 2000 kWh/h
Shipper B 10000 9000 No
Total 20000 21000 N/A


Situation with 4.A.4.1 (Situation 2)    
Party Booking (kWh/h) Allocation (kWh/h) Overshoot (kWh/h)
Shipper A 10000 12000 N/A
Shipper B 10000 9000 N/A
Total 20000 21000 Yes, 1000 kWh/h

Situation 1 looks, on a shipper by shipper basis, at whether booked capacity has been exceeded. The shipper who has been allocated more than 102% of the booking will bear the charge associated with the overshoot.

In situation 2, the shippers’ capacities are added together. The total of all allocations may not exceed 102% of the total booking. In this case, the exceeding will be charged to the connected party. In this case, the allocations of the shippers are not relevant.

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